Welcome to the land of Terra’Lunya

This campaign is the result of my having returned to playing D&D after almost ten years. The daughter of friends and her step-daughter had expressed an interest in learning the game and so I broke out the old 3.0 edition basic box set with the only intention of giving them a basic experience of the game. My girlfriend, who had shown no interest what-so-ever for years, decided she wanted to join us too, so off we went. They enjoyed themselves so much from that one night they all decided to give a campaign a go and characters were created. I recruited another woman who’s husband’s campaign i had been playing in in hopes of having someone ‘show them the ropes’ as a player. The husband has since joined us and now the group consists of three ‘newbies’ and three veterans. Since this wasnt something i had envisioned lasting, i cannibalized some things from the ‘Forgotten Realms’ world, such as calendars and pantheons, but the rest has been created as the game progresses, using mostly published adventure materials. The game is mostly geared toward the enjoyment of the three newbies but i think we have all found ourselves having a great time, especially the three veterans as we get to enjoy the newbies reactions to a game being mostly foreign to them, bringing back many memories for us and creating new ones for them.